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fuck's up gamers? my name is greg, i'm like 16 or 17 years old, and i probably have stage 9 autism or something like that. i like computers, linux, and tf2, and i beat the fuck out of my dick daily. i spend most of my free time talking to faggots like charles or wild lucky card in discord servers (fuck discord btw, discord can eat shit), playing vidya, watching gay shit on jewtube, or making stupid things like this website. i also make stuff in photoshop from time to time.

i used to use g+ and hangouts a lot but google gay so i stopped using those a few years ago. now i primarily use discord (once again, fuck discord, i would stop using it in a heartbeat if my friends didn't use it exclusively) but you could also message me on steam, email me at greg@rape.lol, or just fuck off and not talk to me.

my pc specs are really shit, i don't have a graphics card, and i play games with a trackpad because it works fine and i'm too lazy to get a mouse. also i use bash instead of zsh, because bash works fine. in addition to my retarded gay 2012 macbook (which somehow runs tf2 at like 120 fps), i have a thinkpad t420, but the trackpad and screen are absolute nigger shit, so i usually just use it over ssh/vnc. on the gaymac i run os x, debian, and botnet 10 for some games, and on the thinkpad i run arch and os x. (screens)

if everyone runs this one liner we can exceed lucky's bandwidth cap so do it pls:

c=1; while (true); do curl -so /dev/null https://lucke.neocities.org/img/konachan.png; echo "$c"; c=$[$c +1]; done 

retarded shit you might want:

images (epic style):